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Star Supporter


Beaded Necklace

Arts Advocate


Dance Performance

Inspiration Ally


  • Logo Placement: Your company's logo prominently displayed on all promotional materials, including event flyers, posters, social media posts, and press releases.

  • Recognition: Verbal acknowledgment during the event's opening and closing ceremonies, highlighting your company's support and commitment to fostering youth talent.

  • Brand Exposure: Opportunity to set up a branded booth or display area at the event venue, allowing direct interaction with attendees and potential customers.

  • Involvement Opportunity: For music schools or art schools, the chance to collaborate with students through workshops, masterclasses, or live demonstrations during the talent show, showcasing your institution's expertise and fostering meaningful connections with young artists.

  • Logo Placement: Your company's logo featured on event promotional materials, such as event banners, digital screens, and event programs.

  • Recognition: Acknowledgment on stage during the event, thanking your company for its support and dedication to nurturing young talent.

  • Digital Exposure: Recognition on the event's official website and social media platforms, reaching a wide audience of attendees and followers.

  • Networking Opportunity: Invitation to a pre-event VIP reception, providing an exclusive networking opportunity with event organizers, performers, and other sponsors.

  • Logo Placement: Your company's logo displayed on event banners, posters, and print materials distributed within the local community.

  • Recognition: Acknowledgment in event press releases and media coverage, showcasing your company's commitment to supporting youth initiatives.

  • Community Engagement: Opportunity to participate in community outreach activities associated with the event, such as school visits, educational programs, or youth mentorship initiatives.

  • Brand Association: Alignment with a meaningful cause that resonates with local residents, enhancing your company's reputation as a socially responsible community partner.

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