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Nonna Kuznetsova, the founder of The Place To Play, held three sold-out events in 2021 (ballet, classical music and a kids’ talent show) and has more in 2022 including a Tango Show/Ukraine fundraiser on May 28 and the Newport Beach Kid's Show on December 15th.

Nonna selects facilities such as Marina Park Community Center, Oasis Senior Center, that have large, open areas for cabaret seating plus designated seating areas for kids. Children friendly shows allow kids to socialize and do kid things. This way, the parents (and kids) can take in truly beautiful events with less concern about disruption.

According to Nonna, “My undergraduate degree is in music, yet I was a restless child when I first attended concerts. Exposing children to the arts is critical and I know firsthand it is not easy. I wanted to create an easygoing, affordable environment for discerning adults with children.”

Another barrier Nonna wanted to lower for families is cost. Her current policy is free admission for kids under 12. While their admission is free, she has families RSVP per child so that she can adequately plan out the facility.

Piano on Dim Stage
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At The Place to Play, we value the advancement of a child’s creativity, 

As devoted parents, we all dream big for our child’s future. To ensure this, we anxiously fill
our kid’s schedules with as many experiences as possible, while striving to keep a healthy
balance between academics and extracurricular activities. And we are right to do it!:-)

We also like children to express their emotions.

Children express themself through the art of dance, through playing musical instruments, singing, drawing.

The Place to Play gives an opportunity to shine and perform to those children who spend their time and efforts practicing the skills they chose to master.

We provide the stage and the audience - all that the artist needs. 

Our Kid's shows are conducted every half a year and give an equal opportunity to every child.  

We would like to thank parents who spend so much time and efforts and who are dedicated to children's success and well being. 

We founded The Place to Play based on a firm belief kids, young adults shouldn’t miss out on the best times of their lives.

Play. Connect. Discover.


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