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Violin and Theory of Music classes

Parents night out or 


Nowadays, success comes with networking which demands social skills. 

Communication is key. Childhood is a pivotal stage in social development and can determine future social interactions.


We want children to express their feelings and emotions through games that encourage them to tell stories, take interviews, write jokes and be creative! We even practice talking while being interrupted. We turn real life situations into fun teaching moments that prepare your kids for adulthood!


We encourage our kids to explore the world of music and arts. The incredible creativity behind this pushes our kids to find out if their passion lies in arts. What’s better than playing drums creating music and having a great time?

We love expression. And one of the best ways to express yourself is through the art of dance. We play catchy, age appropriate music to really get our kids moving!


Proper manners are vital to the social and professional success of our children. Our children learn about various cultures and practice dinner time etiquette (how to use utensils and eat properly), good posture, public courtesy and table manners. Put simply, we teach the things that make good children, great.



Transform into anything for just a few hours. A princess, superhero, doctor, astronaut– whatever they want.


The Place to Play is a spot for kids to connect with themselves and let their wildest identities come out. It may be a short visit, but the memories will last forever.

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