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How to help

Don't ignore agression

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As the world watches Ukrainians from every background fight against Russia's invasion, which has resulted in thousands of casualties since it started on Feb. 24, organizations and individuals both inside and outside Ukraine are showing their support.

We strongly believe that the war can not be justified. We want peace for Ukraine and are ready to help however we can. 

Anyone looking to support the Ukrainian resistance with donations has no shortage of options. We tried to choose the one that works on the ground. 

Razom, meaning “together” in Ukrainian, was founded in 2014 in New York by Ukrainians in the United States who wanted to support the country’s Maidan Revolution. Founded as a way of responding to any humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the organization is now providing medical supplies to people on the ground.

All of our events will contribute to the organizations that help Ukraine. Razom for Ukraine is one of  them.

We organize fundraisers and at the same time try to support  local artists and musicians. 

Love Ukraine
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